We offer licensed esthetician, licensed tattoo artist, and certified in microblading and micropigmentation services.

Micropigmentation refers to permanent makeup techniques such as cosmetic tattoos used to enhance or replace lost skin coloring.

Microblading is specifically for eyebrows — a special microblading pen is used to draw on individual “hair” strokes one by one. The results are a natural, undetectable fringe, lasting up up to 3 years.


  • Microblading – $399
  • Powder Brows- $399
  • Combination of both above (blade and shade) $450
  • Touch ups (at 6 weeks) $150
  • Touch ups (4-6 months) $299
  • Eyeliner $350
  • Lip liner or lip blush $350

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Beautiful young woman is in a beauty salon on the treatment for permanent eyebrow makeup. Woman lying with closed eyes while beautician appling permanent make up with tattoo tool on hers eyebrow. Before that beautician did a the precise shaping eyebrows with crayon. Beautician has purple gloves on hands. Close up shot